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Blaslov Fishing is located in Australia’s Seafood capital:- Port Lincoln, South Australia.

Established in 1971, we have fished the pristine waters of Spencer Gulf for Western King Prawns, and the exposed Great Australian Bight for Southern Bluefin Tuna.

Boston Fishing Pty Ltd – Sardine fishery, established in July 2014 under our subsidiary company after we expanded our fishing operations. Link to Sardine page

Boston Marine Pty Ltd – slipway operations, established from October 2003 on Slipway Road. Slipping and storage of boats & vessels, repairs & maintenance to all things associated. Link to Boston Marine Website

Our focus is to provide a fresh, premium product whilst preserving the environmental sustainability of the industry.

Our Story

Founders of Blaslov Fishing Group are Anton & Grozdana Blaslov.

In 1957 Anton and Grozdana Blaslov left Croatia for better opportunities.

In 1959 they eventually moved to Australia under a skilled migrant sponsorship, originally settling in Geelong. Anton’s original trade was a carpenter/joiner.

They arrived in Port Lincoln in September 1959, it was very much like their hometown of Kali, a perfect place to start a fresh life together with family and friends.

In 1965 Anton Blaslov and Daro Kolega built their first boat “Lincoln”. They later purchased another vessel which eventually became the prawn boat “Grozdana B”, both were fished successfully as a partnership until 1971 when they went their separate ways.

And so it all began….

A few years later Anton built a larger tuna vessel called the “Grozdana A”

Fishing was all year round at that stage, tuna fishing from January to June and again from October to December.

Prawn fishing occurred in between June to October – thus Blaslov Fishing was born.

Blaslov Fishing is proud of its’ heritage, our family have embraced the dream of owning and operating a successful family owned business.

Present and now….

Antons two daughters, Sandy Maria Scharfe (nee Blaslov) and Nansi Blaslov-Nelligan (nee Blaslov) are carrying on his legacy as the two Directors of the Blaslov Fishing Group and its subsidiaries.

Their vision is to continue what their father started and hand it onto many more generations to come. Both Sandy & Nansi have children working within the company and aim for a successful future.

Southern Bluefin Tuna

Southern Bluefin Tuna (thunnus maccoyii)) are a long-lived, highly mobile fish found throughout most of the southern temperate oceans.

The only known breeding area is in the Indian Ocean, south east of Java, Indonesia.
SBT can live for up to forty years and reach a weight of 200 Kilograms and measure more than 2 metres in length. SBT are caught on longlines in the southern Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and with purse seine nets in the Southern Ocean for farming.

They are prized because of their high fat content and are sold mainly on the Japanese Sashimi market.

Spencer Gulf Prawns

Caught within the pristine waters of Spencer Gulf, our family has been fishing for the delectable wild western king prawn since 1971.

Thanks to an extremely well managed and organised industry fishing for approximately 50 nights per year, the Spencer Gulf remains one of the worlds’ most sustainable fisheries, reducing our environmental impact on the gulf and our carbon footprint.

Environmentally friendly harvest methods are utilised giving our fishery the accolade of having the lowest by-catch level of any prawn fishery worldwide.

All western King Prawns are caught wild from the Spencer Gulf; this way we can ensure buyers a fresh product; free of growth hormone and antibiotics.

They are processed immediately onboard, individually graded and boxed into either 2kg, 5kg or 10kg packages.

Prawns are then snap frozen at -40 in our 20 tonne holding room. Generally cooked prawns are only available in November and December.

We supply either green/raw or cooked prawns, depending on market requirements.

Our “A” grade AQIS approval rating allows for an excellent export market (AQIS – 2801). We have now been endorsed by MSC certification. Proving we are not only sustainable but also environmentally conscious.

We supply all grades from XXL U/6 ( i.e. 6 prawns to a pound) to your smaller prawn 21/30 (ie 21-30 to a pound).


The South Australian Sardine industry is the largest fishery by volume in the country targeting Australian Sardines (Sardinops Sagax). The pristine waters in SA enable 42,000 tons of Sardines to be harvested annually. Predominantly, the Sardines are used to fatten the 5000ton of Southern Bluefin Tuna ranched in our picturesque town of Port Lincoln. This huge bio-mass of Sardines is the natural food source for the migrating SBT. We are merely serving the farmed tuna with the Sardines they would have consumed in the wild regardless…

Blaslov Fishing Group are one of 14 licence holders enabling us to harvest over 3000ton for our own SBT quota.

Meet the Board

Meet the Board: From left to right: Craig Hughes, Sandy Scharfe (2nd generation), Simoan Hayman (3rd generation), Nansi Blaslov-Nelligan (2nd generation ) Clinton Scharfe (3rdgeneration)

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